This has been such a hit with the family since I started making them. I make them with or without the chocolate and they are equally as good (except that everything is automatically better with chocolate) whether for good energy balanced snacks on 4×4 days or hiking, or even just as a treat on a braai day, they are definitely a crowd pleaser.

Tried and tested, this warm hearty curry is a definite winner for the winter months that are upon us. Who doesn’t love a good spicy curry dish? And the bonus is that it only has 224 calories per serving, yes you read right, 224 calories. With a good amount of protein, moderate carbs and low fats this diet friendly dish will win your hearts over from the first bite.

Posted by Craig Brown Ingredients 50 g raw broccoli, chopped or diced 1 small stalk (25 g) of raw celery, diced 6 egg whites 100 g sliced raw mushrooms 1/4 c. long-grain, raw, brown rice  1/3 c. water or broth 1/4 c. Woolworths Medium chunky salsa 2 tbsp. lite soy sauce  160g raw spinach 50 g grams raw onion, chopped salt to taste Directions Lightly steam the broccoli to a crisp-tender